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A.K.Nathan Dato' A.K. Nathan: The Paradigm of   Determination and Success

Dato' A.K. Nathan, Chairman and Group MD of Eversendai Corporation, one of the major steel contractor for steel structures in the Middle East and the Asian region, has built Eversendai Corporation from a modest company to a total Design and Build Turnkey Contractor with staff strength of 6000 in offices and projects spanning across Malaysia, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and India. Dato' A.K. Nathan has built Eversendai Corporation from ground zero, entering the business with no engineering and construction qualifications, knowledge or experience. The firm is a Specialist Structural Steel and Mechanical contractor offering matchless expertise in High Rise Buildings, Industrial Plants, Roof Structures, Bridges and Power Plants with many prestigious projects internationally.

Dato' A.K. Nathan started his career at the age of 21 as a printing machine operator in 1977 from Malaysia who then rose to become a world class total design and build steel contractor. He embarked on his career with a Pre-University degree in India which he could not finish due to financial considerations. The year 1982 marked the turning point in his life when he became acquainted with the structural steel construction business purely by chance when he was asked to help out as a sub-contractor on a construction contract. As a sub-contractor for Nippon Steel Corporation, he learnt the Japanese working culture which he incorporates in his management approach till date. Due to his lack of experience in the construction industry, he worked hard along the employees and clients and enriched himself with the practical knowledge of the trade. He continues to maintain a hands-on approach, from the structural design concept to fabrication and erection methodology. Through perseverance and determination, he learnt to tackle the intricacies of the construction business to a level where he could astound engineers and industry professionals with his innovative construction methodology and bring Eversendai to where it is today.


Eversendai was awarded the "INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" by the Construction Industry Development Board under The Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Awards 2005. Dato'A.K. Nathan has incorporated his personal dogma of vision, sincerity, discipline, perfectionism, unwavering persistence and perseverance into Eversendai. These are the keys to his success. Dato' A.K. Nathan lives and breathes the key values of respect, openness, teamwork and integrity apart from maintaining strong relationships with his employees and clients. The testament to this is the completion of the Malaysian Tanjung Bin 2100MW coal fired power plant boilers in world's record time in 2007. Truly, Dato' A.K. Nathan can look back at his humble beginnings and be proud as to how far he has come.


Eversendai has gained a formidable reputation in the construction industry with offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, India and Qatar. Most of the projects undertaken by Eversendai involve complex erection which requires innovative engineering and construction methodology. In the last 25 years, Eversendai has not delayed a single project to date, no matter how difficult or complex it is. Eversendai ventured into Singapore in 1988 after securing its first project, the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. In 1993, Eversendai re-established to embark on the Kuala Lumpur Tower, 421 meters high tower, followed by the Petronas Tower 2. Eversendai went on to execute projects in Indonesia and Thailand in the early 1990's. Eversendai Engineering LLC, Dubai was eventually incorporated in 1996 when it secured the Burj Al Arab Hotel Project at Dubai, U.A.E (a wonder project, 7-star hotel structure built on a man made island). The project became Eversendai's signature project and it heralded Eversendai's entry into the Middle East booming construction market as a specialist structural steel contractor. In 1997, Eversendai Philippines Inc. was incorporated in the Philippines when it secured the first project, the Mabalacat and Bamban Bridges from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan. Eversendai Engineering Co. H.K. Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in the year of 1998 to undertake the Chep Lek Kok Airport Extension Works. Eversendai Engineering Saudi LLC was established in 1999 and has completed the Kingdom Trade Centre project in Riyadh.


Eversendai Corporation has also established four fabrication factories and is in the process to establish a fabrication factory in Chennai, India on a 50acre land. All the factories are equipped with new equipments which are automated and has CNC controlled machineries such as I Beam Saw and Drill lines, Hydraulic bending & rolling machine, Auto Blasting machine, Plasma and Oxyacetylene CNC Plate Profile Cutting machine, CNC Pipe profile auto cutting machine and many others. The fabrication factory at Rawang, Selangor has a fabrication capacity of 25,000 tons per annum. There is another steel fabrication plant at Hamiyah Free Zone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Sprawled on a 61,000 sq metres, the fabrication factory has a minimum capacity of producing 53,000 tones of fabricated steel per annum in total in addition to a 60,000 sq. metres open yard fabrication unit. It also has 80,000 sq metres material storage yard. The factory at Al Qusasis industrial area, Dubai can produce about 18,000 tones of fabricated steel per annum. The fabrication factory at Doha, Qatar has a fabrication capacity of 24,000 tons per annum.


Eversendai's famous landmarks in Malaysia are the Petronas Tower 2, the KLCC Suria, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Telecom Tower, KLIA Airport, TH Perdana, KL Sentral Station, CIQ Building, Putrajaya Convention Centre, New Bintulu Airport, Manjung Power Plant, Tg. Bin Power Plant and the Jimah Power Plant. In Singapore, the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Republic Plaza, the Caltex Tower, Hitachi Tower, UE Building, Paragon Tower, Trellis Tower, Tuas Check Point and the Changi Airport Terminal 3 are the projects Eversendai can be proud of and in Dubai the Emirates Towers, Dubai Airport Control Tower, The Tower, the Dragon Mart, Marina Crown, the Gate Building, Ski Dome at the Mall of Emirates, Dubai Festival City, Rose Tower, the Dubai Mall (the world's largest mall) and the Burj Dubai (the world's tallest tower) are worth appreciation. In Qatar, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Khalifa Stadium, Qatar Airways Hanger and the Qatar Science and Technology Park, the New Doha International Airport project, the Dubai Tower, Nakilat Ship Yard, Doha Convention Centre and at Bahrain the Al Moayyed Towers to name a few.


Each structure built by Eversendai has a fascinating story behind it. This is because all these projects are executed according to Dato' A.K. Nathan's basic corporate philosophies: adherence to safety, adherence to quality, adherence to time schedule and client satisfaction.


Some ongoing projects to be listed among the world's famous landmarks in Dubai such as the Rose Tower, Al Mas Tower, The Dubai Mall, Index Tower, Shams Tower, Princess Tower, Motor City, Burj Dubai, Tiara Towers and the Feature Tower all at Dubai, the New Doha International Airport Phase 1 & 2, the Dubai Tower, Nakilat Phase 3 and Qipco Tower at Qatar, Jimah Power Plant (Boiler, FGD & ESP scope) at Malaysia.


Dato' A.K. Nathan was awarded the following awards:-


In 2006:

Eversendai was awarded the MCIEA "INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" by Construction Industry Development Board.


In 2008:

Golden Construction Award by Trade Leaders Club, Madrid, Spain

Ernst & Young Master Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Ernst & Young Malaysian Entrepreneur of the Year Award


In 2009:

SME Platinum Award by SMI Malaysia

Brand Laureate SME's Chapter Award - Best Brand in Structural Steel Specialist

MCIEA CEO of the Year award by Construction Industry Development Board

International Gold Star Award for Leadership in Quality by Business Initiatives Directions, Madrid, Spain

Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year - Hall of Fame

Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2009


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