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Structural Testing Laboratory by CREAM, Malaysia E-mail

Makmal Kerja Raya Malaysia,situated at Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpuris fully managed by CREAM. Currently under construction, this heavy structural laboratory is expected to be fully operational in June 2009.

Makmal Kerja Raya is equippedwith the state of the art testing facilities and equipments to support the R&D works related to IBS component and building materials. Anticipated to be one of the largest structural laboratories in the country, Makmal Kerja Raya shall at the same time provide testing facilities for full scale structure or component to cater the needs of the ever progressing construction sector.

The main facilities of Makmal Kerja Raya includes 15m wide by 26m long reaction floor, 6m long by 6m high reaction wall and 40 tonne overhead crane. The machines installed in the lab among others are 2000kN universal testing machine, 200kN dynamic testing machine, static actuators with a maximum capacity of 2000 kN, 300kN dynamic actuator, concrete compression machines with a maximum capacity of 5000 kN and adjustable prestressing bed.

The facilities will enable structural tests to be performed on actual size IBS structures, model,prototype buildings, bridges, girders and other IBS components. With the erection of the reaction wall, a combined loading system i.e. vertical and horizontal on structural element can be conducted. Durability tests and dynamic strength properties of components can also be determined apart from typical construction materials tests such as tensile, compression, bending, shear and pull-out test. Details could be found at



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